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Watch 5 Flights Up Online Free – Full Movie (2015)

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Release date: May 8, 2015
Studio: Focus Features
Director: Richard Loncraine
MPAA Rating: N/A
Screenwriter: Charlie Peters
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton, Cynthia Nixon
Genre: Comedy

Everyone needs to watch 5 Flights Up online free especially in this kind of world we live in; a fast paced roller coaster. It is the type of movie that makes us want to stop even for a second and reflect what is going on with your life. Perhaps, you would ask yourself, “What is it that I really want?”

You know, most of us today are so busy chasing our dreams. I do not mean anything wrong with that but it is on the manner of getting there that really matters. We become competitive, we try to surpass and compete others, and we just do everything to keep up or even get ahead of the people around us. watch 5 Flights Up online free and observe how the story is put in the perspective of an old man. Life becomes a competition for us and success in terms of wealth and properties become the judgment point. Isn’t that just tiring?

This short movie is a story of love and more importantly of life. It portrays a man and a woman Ruth (Diane Keaton) and Alex (Morgan Freeman), who are married for a long time and are considering of moving into another apartment. The title of the movie might give you a clue for the reason why they are moving out.

The couple found it hard to accept that some things need to change and they must deal with it soonest. I can say that both of them are frightened with all the realities that the world brings but I adored their characters so much because they know how to lift and support each other. watch 5 Flights Up online free and see how the two of them copes up their differences.

The movie would let us realize that at some times, money doesn’t really matter and we need to stop worrying about worldly things. Alex reached to a point wherein he is hesitant to spend thousands of dollars for their dog’s surgery. But then, Ruth is there to remind him that the dollars doesn’t matter as long as they still have Dorothy with them.

The best element about the movie which most people would notice as you watch 5 Flights Up online free, is that it reminds us of who we really are and where came from. It makes us ponder on what we are doing in life and gives us a picture of the past. It sends us a message that no matter what we do now or who are we trying to be, we will end where we began. It also makes us recognize that we should control our own life, we need to make our decisions, without depending on what the world would tell us to do.