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Release date: May 8, 2015
Studio: Entertainment One
Director: Daniel Duran
MPAA Rating: R (for some language, drug use and brief sexuality)
Screenwriter: Oscar Orlando Torres
Starring: Laura Dern, Maria Bello, Josh Duhamel, Kherington Payne, Lucas Till
Genre: Drama

“You are nobody!” Can you just imagine other people saying that in front of your face? How do you handle that? Bravetown is the movie that would make us realize that being judged is the last thing a person wants but almost all of us judge other people so easily. It brings us to understand that behind everyone’s weaknesses is a reason that is beyond their controls. This motion picture stars Lucas Till of “X-men”. See how he acts as you watch Bravetown online free. He is one of the best DJs in New York, making music for the best clubs wherein he should not even be allowed to enter because of his age. His character portrays most youngsters in this generation. His way of escaping the realities of life is through music. But at some point, music is not enough for him to feel alright so does drugs. If you love music, then better watch Bravetown online free.

He is living with his mom whom he thinks is irresponsible as she couldn’t even make his breakfast. To add, his dad left them even before he was born. watch Bravetown online free and witness how Josh does everything he wants which usually gets him into trouble without any guardianship.

This movie has a lot of turning points and twists. One of these is when Josh was given a unique punishment by the court. He was sent to his dad’s hometown for rehabilitation and there, he usually sees a doctor for consultation at the court’s rule. The judge thinks that Josh needs this kind of environment in order to change. But little did they know that this town needs Josh as much as Josh needs them.

Josh met Mary. With Mary, Josh understands that to know someone takes patience and time and it takes the other person wanting to talk about it. Mary is the captain of a dance group. With the way she dances, Josh feels the sadness in her. Aside from music, dancing is also a way of escaping from reality and expressing oneself. If you love dancing, watch how they groove and interpret the music made by Josh, as you watch Bravetown online free. Later, Josh was called to make music for the school’s dance team, who has never won any competition for seven long years.

Later in the movie, Josh realizes that the people in the town are suffering from a collective case PTSD. A lot of twists happened in this part of the movie. It was revealed that the doctor’s best friend is Mary’s brother who died in the war.

The movie ended with the best music Josh could offer as well as a dance story Mary’s team could have. With it, the people were touched with the dance, remembering their loved ones who died in the war. One thing Bravetown wants to portray is that change, as a constant thing on earth, can sometimes be tough but is still necessary.