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Watch In the Name of My Daughter Online Free – Full Movie (2015)

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RELEASE DATE: May 15, 2015
DIRECTOR: André Téchiné
STARRING: Catherine Deneuve, Guillaume Canet, Adele Haenel, Jean Corso, Judith Chemla
GENRE: Thriller

“In the Name of My Daughter” is a French film based on a true story but presented in a fictionalized way of adaptation. A memoir was written by Renee Le Roux and son, Jen-Charles Le Roux, entitled “Une femme face à la Mafia” (which translates into ‘A Woman Up Against the Mafia’) narrating the story of the lost Agnès Le Roux, daughter and sister, respectively, who disappeared without a trace. The mother pursued for justice for thirty-years as she was determined to know the truth and imprisoned those who are involved. watch In the Name of My Daughter online free as the movie will recount the previous happenings before the disappearance, starting from the power war with the Mafia, Agnes’ love affair with Maurice Agnelet who is Renee’s lawyer and adviser, to Agnes’ betrayal by voting against her mother, and Maurice coldness towards her. Maurice is the primary suspect for disappearance and probable murder, although the body was never found and no evidence led to him. The film was an adaptation to the said memoir, and was directed by André Téchiné.

Watch In the Name of My Daughter online free and witness how beautifully and intelligently this move was made, from the direction, to the casting, and the overall production. It was heavy with drama and tension. The story in itself is already an established plot, but the film made it more emotional and luminous centering on the passionate love of a woman to her lover, and a mother to her daughter. The main cast, Catherine Deneuve (playing as Renée), Guillaume Canet (playing as Maurice), and Adèle Haenel (playing as Agnès), produced a real compatible mix that is effective in making you angry, happy, sad, and anxious, all at the same time. The shots were brilliantly executed. The more intense scenes are filled with so much emotion that feelings radiated from the movie characters to their viewers.

It was convincingly powerful that it can take you back thirty-years earlier and meet the real-life Agnes. It showed compellingly the mother’s love for her daughter by taking on all those years to search for her or find out the truth why she disappeared, even when Agnes voted against her before. The tale might be a known French story, but it unites its viewers because of this mother’s unconditional care for her daughter. This is a top recommendation to watch In the Name of My Daughter online free, and decide for yourself if its conclusion was tantamount to what the story demands. Was justice rightfully served? Or will it take another thirty years for the responsible to get convicted? Watch In the Name of My Daughter online free to know the answer. This is a mother’s story, her crusade in the name of her daughter.