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Watch Preggoland Online Free – Full Movie (2015)

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RELEASE DATE: May 8, 2015
STUDIO: Gravitas Ventures
DIRECTOR: Jacob Tierney
STARRING: Danny Trejo, James Caan, Sonja Bennett
GENRE: Drama, Comedy

The movie Preggoland started the with a baby shower where Ruth jokingly gives a sex toy as a gift for her friend. However, her friends do not find the joke funny and they are uneasy with it. Sometimes, people should put the jokes and pranks in place. If you want to laugh lightly, then watch Preggoland online free. Later on, Ruth buys an expensive stroller as an apology for ruining her friend’s baby shower. Ruth tries to get in the group although they are in the different stages of their lives. It is just sad that sometimes, you’re not in this same stage of your lives with your friends and so it is difficult to relate with each other. In this, true friendships are tested. See how Ruth deals with this fact by watch Preggoland online free.

This film is a comedy film that portrays a woman, Ruth, who is befriended by her friends because they think it would be unfair for Ruth to stay with them since all of them are mothers already. They want Ruth to find friends that she’s common with. Ruth tried to explain that she can keep up with the mommy talks but then her friends think that it could not work that way. While you watch Preggoland online free, you would see the depression Ruth feels of being casted off for the fact that she has no baby.

This motion picture reflects the society’s fascination with babies and things women do in order to have one. Ruth was later thought of being pregnant and so her friends welcomed her back to their club. She loved having her friends around so she continued having her secret. She pretended for a long time and she seems to enjoy it. She gets the benefits of being pregnant; people stand for her on the bus and everyone tries to be so nice and gentle for her. Her father, very excited to be a grandfather of a twin, does things to pamper Ruth.

Ruth works at a grocery store where she gets promoted as an assistant manager. The manager of the store clearly has interest on her and asks Ruth to a date. Later on the movie, Ruth gets a surprise baby shower from her friends and family. There she told everyone that she is not really pregnant. Would you forgive someone for deceiving you that way? Everyone gets dismayed and her father had a heart attack upon knowing.

Watch Preggoland online free and notice that this movie does not drive deep emotions but it teaches us a societal lesson that we should know. It also makes us want to understand Ruth and the reasons why she did it.